New Go Fund Me page for donations

We now have a GoFundMe page and are trying to raise enough donations to buy food for a month! PLEASE help! It is easy and fast! And you will feel good doing it! Click on the logo below or the link at the end of this page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.25.42 AM     GoFundMe link for Los Cabos Senior Center.
The facility operates 100% on donations.  We receive no government support or funding of any kind.  Volunteers visit the center and help cook and serve warm meals to the seniors.

We have been working hard to make sure the Senior Center can continue to provide seniors in need with not only a healthy meal but medicines, hygenic supplies and exercise.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Senior Center Update July 19th

Thank you again to all of you that have helped keep the Senior Center in Cabo San Lucas running.


When I was first asked to get involved in the CLUB de ABUELOS SAN MIGUEL, I did what I always do when considering helping a charity.  I asked to see all of their financial records, their non-profit status, and to meet with all of the staff and volunteers.

I never want to donate or ask my friends to donate to a charity that I do not feel 100% comfortable with.

Once I decided to “jump in” and see if I can make a difference, I began to visit the Center and gain more knowledge about how they operate.  I will say this… That Center operates and runs on Love!  I have never seen any organization that has a more caring and loving staff.  They treat each and everyone senior as if they were a relative.

Thanks to so many friends who believe in me and know that I will make 100% sure that every dollar is spent appropriately we have been able to accomplish the following in just 30 days:

* Purchase food for the entire month of July
* Purchase cleaning supplies
* Purchase tables and chairs to seat another 20 people at meal time
* Purchase a brand new refrigerator for food storage
* Purchase reading glasses
* Get a second refrigerator donated for the kitchen
* Add new volunteers to help with exercise classes,
crafts and hair cuts
* Build a complete new website

There is so much more to do, but we are taking things one day at a time.

* We need more tables and chairs
* We need a refrigerator to store medicines that the center provides to the seniors
* We need 5 fans for the palapas because it is so hot under there
* We will need more food and supplies

Phase II of my overall plan for the center entails the following:

* Set up the Center to run on a sustainable ongoing basis.  (not have to worry each month if they will have to close down)
* Build a Board of Directors (approximately 6-8 people who will guide and direct the future of the Center) (any volunteers???)
* Reach out to local and foreign foundations who will help support the Center financially
* Continue to fund raise and encourage in-kind donations

If you have suggestions or can help me in any way, please let me know.

San Miguel Senior Center

We need your help at the Cabo Senior Center,  also called the San Miguel Senior Center in Cabo San Lucas  and Grandparents Clubhouse (Senior Center) San Miguel in Cabo San Lucas and (Casa Club de Abuelos San Miguel) Asociación Magnifica Obsesion club de Abuelos.

We recently learned of an incredible center in Cabo San Lucas that is helping in-need seniors receive daily meals and other necessities that might otherwise go without. The Club de Abuelos San Miguel is a nonprofit, non-government organization that relies on the support of community members and visitors to make a different in these people’s lives. Here’s an email we recently received from Rob Zolezzi, a Los Cabos resident involved in many area organizations.


“As most of you know I am very involved in the  Los Cabos Humane Society .  I also work with other amazing charities in Los Cabos such as Building Baja’s Future , Sarahuaro Foundation and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

Recently I was introduced to the Senior Center in Cabo San Lucas that I did not know existed.  I went with a friend and toured the facility.  I was amazed at what I saw.  There were over 100 Seniors at the Center that day.  

One of the amazing things about the Mexican culture is that they take care of family.  Thank God most Grandparents (Abuelos) live with their children and have a roof over their head.  But in many cases there is not enough food to go around and the seniors are confined to a very small living space shared with several other family members.  

I have since learned that many of these seniors that come to the center on a daily basis do not have enough food to eat, money for adult diapers, clothing and access to much needed medication.   Some have been, and are being physically abused.

The Senior Center provides a safe haven for them.  They also provide 2 meals a day, three days a week.  They provide yoga, craft classes, art classes, music programs, medical services, medicines, diapers and games.

All of this is being done without any government support or aid.  The Center is run 100% on donations.  There is a staff of 4 volunteers that come everyday.  The Senior Center is on the verge of shutting down because of lack of support and lack of funds.  

I have offered to help them keep the Center going.  I have inspected their accounting, their non profit status and everything I could find to ensure that everything is “above board”.  It is not only above board, it is being managed and run by the most amazing and giving people.  

I want to help them not only to stay open but I want to put together a Board of Directors, upgrade their accounting, purchase needed items, get donations.”


Please email Rob Zolezzi in Cabo San Lucas for more information and to ask how you can help.