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 Bet You Didn’t Know We Have A Senior Center

UnknownThe Cabo Senior Center is called Club de Abuelos San Miguel or Grandparents Club.  Sinai Mota is the director which is open three days a week from 7:30 to 5:00, serving breakfast and lunch.  Five to ten volunteers help with cooking and assisting.  Th center supplies food, medical, and other supplies and services to approximately 250 seniors living at the poverty level. (Yes, there is a social security pension available in Mexico, but you first have to pay into the system in your earning years, and over half of all Mexicans don’t pay taxes.) – See more at:

Cabo Senior Center
Gets Help

Gringo Gazette
September 21, 2015.

Robbie Zolezzi likes to go by Robbie Z. This is so much his persona that he is having a heart attack over our insistence in printing his full name. Therefore, we’re never going to mention it again. There, it’s done.
Robbie Z is a good hearted man who seems to turn up all over Cabo wherever help is needed. We first became aware of Z‘s work with the Humane Society where he pitches in at the shelter, helping with the dirty work in addition to using his skills to raise money for the critter chow and supplies.

Club de Abuelos San Miguel

Los Cabos Guide recently learned of an incredible center in Cabo San Lucas that is helping in-need seniors receive daily meals and other necessities that might otherwise go without. The Club de Abuelos San Miguel is a nonprofit, non-government organization that relies on the support of community members and visitors to make a different in these people’s lives. Here’s an email we recently received from Rob Zolezzi, a Los Cabos resident involved in many area organizations.

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