Senior Center Update July 19th

Thank you again to all of you that have helped keep the Senior Center in Cabo San Lucas running.


When I was first asked to get involved in the CLUB de ABUELOS SAN MIGUEL, I did what I always do when considering helping a charity.  I asked to see all of their financial records, their non-profit status, and to meet with all of the staff and volunteers.

I never want to donate or ask my friends to donate to a charity that I do not feel 100% comfortable with.

Once I decided to “jump in” and see if I can make a difference, I began to visit the Center and gain more knowledge about how they operate.  I will say this… That Center operates and runs on Love!  I have never seen any organization that has a more caring and loving staff.  They treat each and everyone senior as if they were a relative.

Thanks to so many friends who believe in me and know that I will make 100% sure that every dollar is spent appropriately we have been able to accomplish the following in just 30 days:

* Purchase food for the entire month of July
* Purchase cleaning supplies
* Purchase tables and chairs to seat another 20 people at meal time
* Purchase a brand new refrigerator for food storage
* Purchase reading glasses
* Get a second refrigerator donated for the kitchen
* Add new volunteers to help with exercise classes,
crafts and hair cuts
* Build a complete new website

There is so much more to do, but we are taking things one day at a time.

* We need more tables and chairs
* We need a refrigerator to store medicines that the center provides to the seniors
* We need 5 fans for the palapas because it is so hot under there
* We will need more food and supplies

Phase II of my overall plan for the center entails the following:

* Set up the Center to run on a sustainable ongoing basis.  (not have to worry each month if they will have to close down)
* Build a Board of Directors (approximately 6-8 people who will guide and direct the future of the Center) (any volunteers???)
* Reach out to local and foreign foundations who will help support the Center financially
* Continue to fund raise and encourage in-kind donations

If you have suggestions or can help me in any way, please let me know.